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The International Jaguar XK Club Jaguar XK Club was formed in 1997 by Philip and Julie Porter. Philip is a well known Jaguar historian. For more information on Philip see here 

The XK Club is the only international club dedicated to classic Jaguars XK120, 140, 150’s embracing C-types, XKSS and all competition cars and their derivatives. Its membership is in 50 countries high net worth individuals who are very hard to reach through traditional media and are a loyal and captive audience


The ethos of the club is on using your XK so driving, touring, racing and restoring these fabulous cars is the emphasis and the monthly XK Gazette is packed with news, features, advice and stories to inspire all of that and more.

This is a high spending responsive audience, according to our members survey: 

72% say they have responded to the advertising within the last 12 months and spend over an hour reading the magazine.  40% of our members spend between £5000 and £20,000 on the up keep of their classics per annum and 13% spend between £10,000 and £20,000 per annum. 93% do some sort of tour. 53% of our members restore their cars.


The XK Gazette is is considered one of the best ‘club’ magazines of it’s type and is edited by ex Classic & Sportscar Editor James Page,  

Superbly put together, it is A4, full colour, 72 pages and valued as the most reliable source of information on XK’s and Jaguar related news by our members.


The XK Gazette goes out to all XK Club members on the 1st of each month. Members also get a full functioning digital copy with additional material 

You can access a digital sampler here, the schedule and rate card here and members profile here

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